Yellow Dot program could save your life

Police Chief Russ Harvey displays the Yellow Dot decal and program poster and Lt. Wally Klimek holds the medical information form.

Yellow Dot program could save your life 

Trustee Norma Pinion is encouraging all Bridgeview residents to sign up for the Illinois Yellow Dot life-saving program. 

Illinois Yellow Dot program is a free, statewide initiative designed to provide first responders with critical information to help with emergency care for people involved in vehicle crashes or found unconscious inside a vehicle. 

Pinion said to join, residents only have to stop by or contact the Bridgeview Police Department and ask to participate in the Illinois Yellow Dot program. A police representative will supply you with a bright yellow dot decal and a yellow form to fill out for each participant. 

The name stems from the so-called Golden Hour immediately after a traumatic injury takes place. Doctors say the best chance for survival is when an injured victim from a vehicle accident is seen and treated within the first hour after the trauma. 

Participants in the Yellow Dot program provide the first responders with vital medical information that is stored in the vehicle’s glove compartment. 

Participants provide an up-to-date photograph that is pasted onto a designated spot on the Yellow Dot Medical Card. The info sheet contains the participant’s name, emergency contact, personal physician, allergies, medical conditions, recent surgeries and current medications being taken. A Yellow Dot decal is affixed to the driver’s side rear window, which alerts responders to look in the glove compartment for information that can assist paramedics and better prepare hospital staff in the emergency room. 

While this program is called the Illinois Yellow Dot program here, other states are also participating in this traffic safety initiative. 

Stop by the Bridgeview Police Department today and join the Yellow Dot Program. It could save your life or the life of someone in your family. 


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