Waste hauler change a big plus for Bridgeview

Residents have asked why we changed waste handlers when the old company did such a good job for the past five years.


One reason is that the Village of Bridgeview shops around every few years for the best price on big ticket items and services. A Request for Proposal (RFP) committee is formed to ensure fairness to bidders, compare prices and lend transparency to the process.


This year, Allied Waste was selected to provide waste hauling services for the next five years. By shopping around for the best service and price, we were able to hold the line on large price increases and avoid an increase of more 10 percent in waste-hauling costs.


The switch to Allied also allows the village to save $150,000 it has spent every year for the past 30 years to keep the cost of waste-hauling below the fair-market rate. The new rate no longer requires a taxpayer subsidy and covers the actual cost of the service.


In addition, the new contract brought the following upgrades:


• New 90-gallon waste toters have been provided to each home at no additional cost.

• New 90-gallon recycle toters have been provided to each home at no additional cost.

• Two village-wide cleanup days (one in the spring and one in the fall) have been added.

Thanks to the new toters and Allied, trash collection has been reduced from three days a week to only two days, which also holds down costs.


Recycling toters are collected every other week, but if that proves insufficient, weekly service can be restored.


The village-wide cleanup days will help residents dispose of unwanted items and keep the village clean, which increases property values, makes our community look better and reduces rodent and nuisance issues.


3,180 old toters have been collected over the past three weeks. These will be cleaned and repaired and relabeled into 90-gallon yard waste toters. Bridgeview will become the first community in Cook County to have a complete toter program for yard waste — at no cost to the village.

Trash collecting in Bridgeview has improved a lot over the past five years. There are no more garbage cans, no more trash tossed along the curbs, nor more debris laying uncollected, attracting vermin. 


The new toter system has also brought a big change to our community. This isn't an exciting topic but everyone has trash and everyone needs to dispose of it.  It is an expensive service, which must be done each week for every house 100 percent of the time. There is no room for error.


Bridgeview has made great progress in being the first to find new ways to handle this service.  The success is seen each week and it is especially noticeable on the bottom line for Bridgeview finances.


Watch your mailbox for a new waste pickup calendar.  It will remind you of your picture day, recycle week and days which there is no waste pickup.



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