Village adds new ambulance

Trustee Patt Higginson joins Battalion Chief Dave Lis and Bridgeview’s firefighter/paramedics in front of the new ambulance.
Village trustees voted recently to approve a motion by Trustee Patt Higginson to purchase a new ambulance. The new vehicle, which cost more than $150,000, is a great new addition to our emergency services fleet.

The Fire Department staff took a big hand in the equipment selection by creating a committee to ensure that village taxpayers received the biggest value for their dollar.

Bids were solicited and the best value selected was the lowest price. The new ambulance was built on a heavy-duty chassis for durability, reducing maintenance costs and extending the usable life of the vehicle.

The new ambulance replaces one that was more than nine years old. The older ambulance will be used as a reserve vehicle to provide additional medical coverage if necessary.

The delivery of the new ambulance was much expected and anticipated by all of the Fire Department staff and rolled into Bridgeview just a few short weeks ago.

It was immediately put into service and operates out of Station 2, which is on 100th Place.
Trustee Higginson and Chief Anthony Butkus both agree that the new ambulance will continue to provide the excellent paramedic service for which Bridgeview has long been known.

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