Street resurfacing on Oketo almost finished

Trustee Mike Pticek is happy to report that street resurfacing on Oketo Avenue from 78th to 81st streets is well under way and should be completed before winter weather arrives in Bridgeview.
Pticek said much progress has been made, including:
• Curbs have been cut and patched.
• Sewer repairs have been made.
• Sidewalk entryways are now handicapped accessible.
• The street paving is nearly complete.
The project was paid for by a Cook County Community Development Block Grant, which is one way village officials stretch local dollars by finding matching funds whenever possible.
• Another street project that has been ongoing for the past two months has been the filling of cracks in the street using hot tar. This project, undertaken by the Public Works Department, is a maintenance prevention action to extend the life of village streets. When water gets into a street subsurface, the freezing and thawing cycle results in road cracking and deterioration. By filling large cracks on the street with hot tar, water is stopped and the street is preserved. Every street will be touched by the project, which means miles and miles of streets and lots of tar!
Residents should not be concerned if they notice a leftover "powder" on their street. It is harmless residue left from the powdered Portland cement, which is sprinkled over the wet tar to help it dry. Mother Nature and the village street sweeper will clean it all up making the street ready for the winter weather.

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