Remember to put out ALL CANS EVERY MONDAY Starting March 1
On March 1st, the Village of Bridgeview starts a new phase in improving trash collection, waste and recycle cans, EVERY MONDAY, EVERY WEEK!
That is right, if your trash day was Monday, it stays the same.  IF YOUR TRASH DAY WAS TUESDAY, YOUR NEW PICK UP DAY IS MONDAY!  Recycle cans go out each Monday with your waste cans!
Just like your neighbors west of the tracks.  All cans every week!  No more checking a calendar or looking to see what cans your neighbor is putting at the curb.  You won't forget, because both cans will be picked up every Monday!
NOTE:  Bridgeview families who live in a residence managed by an association such as the Bridgeview Place and Rosebud Communities are not impacted by the change of waste management service.  Garbage pickup for homes under property management are privately contracted by the property management group and are not serviced by the village.

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