Repairs Ahead for 79th Street Bridge

August 4, 2010 02:41 PM
Bridgeview Trustee Jim Cecott and Trustee Michael Pticek
(far right) discuss the plans for reconstruction and repair
of the 79th Street bridge.
 Although delayed by a construction workers strike, massive repairs are coming soon for the 79th Street bridge in Bridgeview.
"It may be advisable to find another way around the 79th Street overpass during the reconstruction," Trustee Jim Cecott said. "Traffic in this area is normally heavy and the construction will add to the congestion, but once this project is complete, the commute on 79th Street should be smooth sailing."
During the project, traffic will be reduced to one lane in each direction.
Cecott said repairs to the bridge, which is owned by the state and maintained by the Illinois Department of Transportation, were supposed to begin in July but were put on hold because of a strike by construction workers that ended July 22.
When rescheduled, repairs will consist of spot patching the approaches to the bridge and reconstruction of the concrete deck on top of the bridge. Cecott said the state is paying for the reconstruction and repairs.
Construction signage will be in place to alert motorists of the actual start date and lane reconfiguration before the project begins.

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