Prairie Material moves headquarters back to Bridgeview

Prairie Material, a ready-mix concrete company that was started in Bridgeview by John Oremus in 1948, has re-established its national corporate headquarters in the village at 7601 W. 79th St.

For more than 50 years, Bridgeview was home to Prairie Material and Oremus served as village mayor for 40 years before retiring in 1999. The company was his dream and he turned it into the Midwest’s largest supplier of performance concrete, ready mix and aggregate construction materials.

In 2008, the Oremus family sold the company to Votorantim Cement North America, an international company with locations in Canada and the Southeastern United States.

VCNA moved Prairie Material’s headquarters from Bridgeview to a company location in Kankakee.

In the process, Bridgeview lost a significant amount of sales tax revenue to Kankakee.

Bridgeview Mayor Steven Landek spent the next four years working with Prairie Material to get the headquarters moved back to Bridgeview.

Landek said the village will set aside the new sales tax revenue brought in by Prairie Material to create a rainy day fund to ensure a healthier financial report for Bridgeview.

Prairie Material operates nearly 100 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan and employs 1,800 workers at those facilities.

Prairie Materials has supplied construction materials for a host of major projects including Toyota Park and the 71st Street underpass under construction in Bridgeview, as well as Trump Tower in Chicago, the Milwaukee Art Museum addition and the Indianapolis International Airport.


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