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Elected Officials

Village of Bridgeview Officials
Pictured: (rear, left to right) Trustee Cecott; Mayor Landek; Clerk Altar; Trustee Pticek
(front, left to right) Trustee Sutton; Trustee Struzik; Trustee Pinion; Trustee Higginson

Mayor Steven Landek

(708) 924-8015

Clerk John Altar

(708) 924-8023

Trustee Norma Pinion

(708) 924-8018

Trustee James Cecott

(708) 924-8014  


Trustee Patricia Higginson

(708) 924-8011

Trustee Mary Sutton

(708) 924-8022

Trustee Michael Pticek

(708) 924-8019

Trustee Claudette Struzik

(708) 924-8012
Village of Bridgeview directions
7500 S. Oketo Avenue. Bridgeview, IL 60455 TEL: (708) 594-2525
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