COVID-19 UPDATE for 5/19/2021

5/19/21 Bridge Phase Update




As of May 14, 2021, The Village of Bridgeview and the State of Illinois has moved to the Bridge to Phase 5 phase of the Restore Illinois program.  As more of our residents receive the COVID-19 vaccine, Illinois will operate with a metrics-based pathway toward the fifth and final phase of the Restore Illinois reopening plan, in which all sectors of the economy reopen with businesses and recreation resuming normal operations, and where conventions, festivals, and large events can take place.


Following recommendations from public health experts, Illinois will move forward with a dial-like approach between the mitigations in Phase 4, which currently apply to the entire state, and the post-pandemic new normal of Phase 5. This Bridge to Phase 5 will allow for higher capacity limits and increased business operations, before public health experts tell us it is safe to move to the new normal that Phase 5 will bring.


Like the prior evidenced-based approaches to deliberately lift mitigations that have kept us safe and saved lives, this gradual path to Phase 5 will protect the progress we’ve made while allowing us to reopen the economy.


Once 70% of residents 65 and older have been vaccinated and barring any reversals in our COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths for a 28-day monitoring period, the Bridge to Phase 5 will begin with increased capacity limits in both indoor and outdoor settings. Once 50% of residents 16 and older have been vaccinated and stable or declining COVID-19 metrics are recorded during a 28-day monitoring period, Phase 5 will be implemented, removing capacity limits altogether. All regions of the state will move through these next phases together based on statewide metrics.


While regulations are rolled back gradually, Illinoisans should continue following the public health guidelines that have kept us safe during the pandemic, like wearing a mask in public and social distancing.




Dining:                                            Seated Areas: Patrons 6 feet apart, Parties of 10 or less

                                                       Standing Areas: 30% Capacity Indoors, 50% Outdoors


Health and Fitness:                         60% capacity

                                                       Group fitness classes of 50 or fewer indoors

                                                       or 100 or fewer outdoors


Offices:                                           60% Capacity


Personal Care:                                 60% Capacity


Retail and Service Counter:            60% Capacity


Amusement Parks:                          60% Capacity


Festivals and General                      30 people per 1000 Sq. Feet

Admission Outdoor

Spectator Events


Flea and farmers Markets:               Indoor: 15 people per 1000 Sq. Feet

                                                       Outdoor: 30 people per Sq. Feet


Film Production:                             60% Capacity


Meetings, Conferences and             Lesser of 1000 people or 60% Capacity



Museums:                                        60% Capacity


Recreation:                                     Indoor:  Lesser of 100 people or 50% capacity.

                                                       Outdoor:  Maximum groups of 100, multiple groups permissible


Social Events:                                  Indoor:  250 people

                                                       Outdoor:  500 people


Spectator Events:                           60 % Capacity

(Ticketed and Seated)


Theatres and Performing Arts:        60% Capacity


Zoos:                                               60% Capacity



METRICS to Move Forward:

 COVID-19 metrics: The state could advance if there is a non-increasing trend in hospital admissions for COVID-19 like illness or COVID-19 patients in the hospital and ICU bed availability remains greater than or equal to 20%. IDPH will continue to monitor mortality, but it will not be a metric used to determine moving through the phases. The state will also consider new knowledge of variants, vaccine effectiveness and the potential necessity of a booster shot as we move forward.


Metrics to Move Backward:

The state could revert to a previous phase if there is a resurgence of the virus, measured by an increasing trend in our case rate and one of the following:


·         Hospital admissions for COVID-19 like illness trend increasing and above 150 daily average

·         COVID-19 patients in the hospital trend increasing and above 750 daily census

·         Mortality rate trend increasing and above 0.1 daily average

·         ICU bed availability < 20%


Metrics will be measured over a 10-day monitoring period.


More information is available at

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