Neighborhood Parks

Commissioners Park - 8100 South Beloit (81st & Oketo)

Commissioners Park is the home of the Pool and Sports Complex and Administrative offices. This Park offers a giant hill slide and playground* area with equipment for children of all ages. While the children play parents may want to enjoy the walking path that circles the park or sit under the picnic shelter and relax. A softball field is also located here and hosts many afternoon games during softball season may also be used by the public if you enjoy a game of ball. During the fall 2 soccer fields are maintained here for the youth soccer league but if they are not using them anyone is welcome to kick a ball around. If you enjoy nature a natural area is located on Ferdinand Ave it is left untouched and is the home to many plants and wild flowers native to the Midwest. All this combined with wide open space makes Commissioners park a favorite among park users. Ample parking is available at Commissioners Park so come out and enjoy the largest park in the village.

Wierzba Memorial Park - 79th & Oketo Avenue

Wierzba Park boasts 2 softball fields, tennis court and a large playground*. A walking path also circles Wierzba Park and a picnic shelter provides a nice place to take a break or eat your lunch. A large parking lot including a basketball area are located at the east side of the park. Wierzba is also the home of the Park District maintenance facility so chances are you will run into one of the friendly maintenance staff who keep your parks clean and safe to play in. Located near the maintenance garage is the historic Belke House, it is not open to the public but offers a unique view of some local history.

Ulrich Park - 73rd & Ferdinand

Ulrich Park is one of the smaller parks in Bridgeview but it still offers a range of activities. An open field lends itself to a pickup game of baseball or soccer or anything else that requires nothing more than a place to run. A playground*, picnic shelter and walking path round out the options at this out of the way park.

Fedor Memorial Park - 73rd & Sholer

Fedor Park offers a softball field, playground*, picnic shelter and the ever popular walking path. This is a beautiful park surrounded by trees on 2 sides it is a quiet place to take a walk or read a book. Plenty of open area and its quiet location make this park a wonderful place to visit.

Founders Park - 83rd Street & 78th Ave

Founders Park has a Softball field, tennis court, 2 basketball areas, walking path and picnic shelter. The basketball areas are located in the parking area of the park. Founders Park has a hill dotted with evergreen trees located near the center of the park and this offers a secluded spot for lunch or just to take a break from your day.

Muehe Park - 89th Street and Harlem Ave. (behind bank)

Meuhe Park is the home of the Recreation Center where many park programs, including preschool and camp programs. A tennis court, playground* and walking path are also located at this Park. Parking is available at the west side of the park. Located next to the Dominics shopping center Muehe Park is a good place to "reward" the kids for behaving in the store!
* Children should always be supervised in the playground areas. Not all equipment is "age appropriate" and common sense should be used
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